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"We loved working with Maddie. My son received a severe traumatic brain injury when we were hit by a drunk driver. He was completely non-verbal. Maddie worked with us to be able to get him a communications device, she worked on teaching him basic sign language, and worked with his specific needs to get him to communicate. She did research to help me reach my son with new techniques. She found music that my son liked and used that to encourage him to communicate. When I brought a sibling to the therapy she engaged my other child as well to engage my son and also teach the sibling how they could help my son at home. Maddie is amazing and she works hard to connect with her clients on a personal level that not only encourages them to learn and try harder but makes them feel good about doing it!" 

— Dyan G. 

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"We can’t say enough good things about Maddie and what a wonderful speech therapist she is! She is so patient, loving, knowledgeable, and a pure joy to be around. She has worked with my 4 year old with Down syndrome and was always finding new and creative ways to help her learn. Maddie was always consistent with my daughter and we saw such great improvement and strides made in her development. We miss Maddie so much and any family will be so lucky to have her as their therapist!"

-Amy O.

"My family has known Maddie for several years. She was my boys' favorite nanny many summers ago and we are delighted that she now runs her own business as a speech therapist, which is a service that we coincidentally need. My child looks forward to her visits because she is kind, engaging, and has a peaceful and loving demeanor. I also enjoy working with her as a parent. I appreciate her insight and patience. Thank you for doing what you do, Maddie! You make a true difference in other people's lives."

— Maren V.

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"My daughter completed a six week speech therapy session this fall using hippotherapy and we had such a positive and productive experience. We worked on all forms of communication using verbal, sign language, and AAC. My daughter learned so many new techniques, verbalizations and signs. She even vocalized a brand new word! We have never had such huge gains in a short amount of time with any other speech therapist. Maddie has a true passion for what she does and we couldn't have been happier with our experience!"

-Angela M.

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